The municipality of Oliveira do Bairro is located between Aveiro and Coimbra, in the Bairrada region that is a privileged geographical setting in the center of Portugal.

Influenced by the Ria de Aveiro and Bairrada region, Oliveira do Bairro is a reference territory for its unique symbiosis between culture and art, history and modernity, heritage and nature.

Ceramics is part of the identity of this municipality and an important part of its economy. Until the end of the 90s, the ceramic industry of red clay, bricks, tiles and domes predominated. Currently, although the red clay pottery remains, the areas of rehabilitation and decoration stand out with a strong focus on innovation and design.

With the objective of immortalizing this art, which was and is still part of the daily life of many generations of Oliveira do Bairro inhabitants, ceramics is one of the industries represented in the first urban art intervention held in Oliveira do Bairro.

At the entrance of the city, is located a mural that honours its people and traditions, the orange colour stands out, which refers to the industrial architecture of the old factories, built in solid red clay brick, with their typical chimneys, which are part of the city landscapes.

One of the great examples of this architecture is the former “Fábrica da Cerâmica Rocha” that was rehabilitated and enhanced architecturally in the year 2020. Important industrial archaeological specimens with a strong identity nature were also recovered and preserved. The transformation of this building into a multipurpose space will quickly make it one of the icons of the municipality, contributing to its cultural, tourist and economic appreciation.

Duarte Novo

Duarte Novo

Mayor of Oliveira do Bairro


It is with great satisfaction that the Municipality of Oliveira do Bairro joins the Portuguese Association of Cities and Villages of Ceramics (APTCVC).
The tradition and importance that the ceramics industry has in this County, as a differentiating heritage and of extreme economic, cultural and social relevance, demanded that we join this initiative.
The integration of our Municipality in APTCVC is another step to rescue the history of this industry in our County, honoring all the men and women who worked and still work in this sector.
Come visit us and discover a territory of culture, music and art, history and modernity, heritage and nature.
We wait for you in Oliveira do Bairro. In the Heart of Bairrada!


Duarte Novo

Mayor of Oliveira do Bairro

APTCVC Representatives

Lília Ana Águas_Oliveira do Bairro

Municipal Councillor Lília Ana Águas, Oliveira do Bairro

Member of the Supervisory Board


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