Leiria was founded and has expanded between the Castle and the River Lis. Enchanted by two rivers, Lis and Lena, bathing in the golden sands of the Atlantic, populated with beautiful woods, the city of Leiria offers unforgettable places of rare charm to those who visit it.

It is the district capital and is located in the coastal centre of the country. The beauty of the county of Leiria is in sight: river, beaches, pine forests, ponds, rock shelters, religious and civil architecture, the monumentality of medieval constructions, museums, spas, popular traditions in the most pure manifestations, crafts and a rich abundant gastronomy.

Leiria has shown true interest in valuing its tile heritage, especially those which build up Korrodi’s art noveau architecture, that can be discovered through city itineraries and also in pottery in the parish of Bajouca.

Pottery in Bajouca has always fulfilled its mission: to serve the rural and simple population of the area, responding to it usefulness as an object. However, there were always local potters who demonstrated a aesthetical approach to the object. Each one had their own models as a kind of unique signature.

From the potters’ wheel we can listen to a certain melody when carving and moulding the pure clay, but it is a melancholic and almost sad though hopeful song. Observing these craftsmen working their object is just like witnessing a millenary art which they proudly intend to preserve popular pottery.

The Municipality of Leiria, as well as the Associação Bajouquense para o Desenvolvimento, has promoted several actions to create awareness of this unique and special form of art, strengthening one of the most remarkable craft manifestations in the region, and also sharing the know-how and valuing the craft e its potential towards social and economic sustainability.

Gonçalo Lopes

Gonçalo Lopes

Mayor of Leiria


The art of working and moulding clay is part of Leiria’s identity, being one of the most representative expressions of our handicrafts.

Besides the attention which is being devoted to pottery and handicrafts, with the presence of potters and artisans in national and international events, to the National Pottery Exhibition, to author exhibits, to artistic residencies with international artisans, the Municipality also aims at working in the preservation and recognition of the local tile patrimony and the industrial ceramics.

Being a part of these networks, APTCVC and AeuCC, at the national and European levels, widely contributes to the achievement and operationalization of the ambitions of both artisans, ceramists, artists, businessmen, and the Municipality of Leiria.


Gonçalo Lopes

Mayor of Leiria

APTCVC Representatives

Anabela Graça_Leiria

Vice President Anabela Fernandes Graça, Leiria

President of the Supervisory Board